What makes Snapper special...

You could reap the benefits of Snapper...

When you sign up to Snapper you will start to see the benefits straight away.

  • Its all done online – no complicated software is needed. You simply edit your website using your web browser.
  • You are in control – we give you the power to take control of your website, no middle man or unreliable agency, just you and your team managing your site. You can keep it completely up-to-date and use it to support all your business activities.
  • Its easy to use – with no complicated programs or hidden extras to challenge you it’s as simple as using Word.
  • Low cost implementation – it doesn’t cost a fortune, you can choose the package that suits your budget.
  • Great business tools – Snapper offers a great range of tools that can be mixed and matched to help you get the most from your website.
  • Versatile and extendible – you can add extra tools and “widgets” to the core package to meet your business needs. These can be added at any time to enhance your website and support your latest business activities.
  • Search engine friendly – you can use the Snapper CMS to add keywords, which will help optimise your presence on search engines such as Google so more people will visit your site.
  • Track your visitors – Snapper allows you to track visitors to your website so you can find out how many visitors you have, what pages they look at and how they found you.
  • Saves time – the simplicity of Snapper means you have time for the more important things like growing your business.

Get Snapper for your business today: +44 1273 207 320  sales@snapperworld.com

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